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Divorce mediation and your financial future

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Divorce |

If your divorce goes to trial, a judge may be the one making crucial decisions about separating your shared assets. From real estate, business holding or other investments to items that have personal value, neither of you may have much control over the final judgment.

However, if you and your spouse can agree to work together during your separation, mediation may be a good option. During this type of alternative dispute resolution, a neutral family law mediator may be able to help you and your future ex-spouse negotiate a division of assets that works for both of you.

Staying focused on the future

The litigation process itself can be intensely emotional. That can make it difficult to focus clearly on both present and future financial realities. By giving you a neutral, confidential space to discuss concerns and explore possibilities, you and your spouse may be able to maintain cooler heads and make smarter choices.

Finding creative solutions

During a litigated divorce, a judge may have limited time and relatively limited knowledge of your family’s specific financial circumstances before making a property division order. The law may also constrain the types of decisions he or she can make.

While the final order may be fair under the law, neither you nor your ex-spouse may be happy with the result. Mediation may serve both your interests better by allowing you to negotiate unique ways to separate assets without compromising your financial futures.

Getting a divorce does not have to mean giving up control. By agreeing to negotiate rather than litigate, you and your spouse may be able to better navigate your separate paths forward.