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3 FAQs about mediation

When you got married, you likely expected to spend the rest of your life with your partner. Unfortunately, CDC data indicates that one in 1,000 Massachusetts marriages ends in divorce. If you desire an amicable divorce that benefits you and your spouse, mediation may...

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Advice before your high asset divorce

When you have a high net worth, divorce becomes much more complicated. It takes longer and usually involves significantly more litigation. An uncontested divorce is usually the ideal option, but the more marital property you own, the less likely this becomes....

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What happens to inheritances in divorce?

Inheritances can be items such as cash, real estate and personal property. Usually, someone leaves these things as a gift to a family member. In a divorce, assets get divided equitably between spouses. The equitable division may or may not apply to inheritances....

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Will I lose my home in divorce?

The home you own with your spouse likely has immense emotional and financial value. In the event of a divorce, you may wonder if one spouse has the right to keep the home. Previous posts dealt with splitting up home equity, but what if you or your spouse do not want...

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