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How to handle home equity in a divorce

When you divide property during a Massachusetts divorce, you may want to pay particular attention to your home’s equity. For many former couples, the equity they have in their once-shared home represents their most valuable asset. When it comes to your own home equity...

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Dividing cryptocurrency in your divorce

Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, has become a hot-button issue in Massachusetts divorces. Many Americans now own at least one type of cryptocurrency. Yet, because it is relatively new, there are many questions about the role it plays in divorce and how divorcing...

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How does alimony work in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts courts may order one spouse to pay alimony to the other in a divorce. Either spouse can ask the judge for alimony during divorce proceedings. Review this guide to learn more about how receiving spousal support works in Massachusetts. Types of alimony...

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3 Tips for paying child support

Going through a divorce is often a difficult experience for all family members involved. If there are children in the picture, it can be even more challenging.  One issue that commonly creates conflicts is money. When one or both parents have a high income, child...

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Welcome To Our Blog

We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to regularly provide posts highlighting legal issues of local, state and national interest that we think you will find interesting. Check back later for...

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