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Family law is one of the most sensitive areas in modern legal practice.
Domestic relations proceedings are often highly charged due to the personal
nature of the issues and the powerful emotions they evoke. McEvoy & Stuntz
handles these matters with the utmost delicacy and discretion and brings
them to resolution without ever losing sight of obtaining the best outcome
for their clients.



With a combined total of more than 20 years of experience in legal practice,
attorneys Geraldine P. McEvoy and Karen W. Stuntz are experts in all aspects
of the family law process. As partners in one of Acton’s most highly-regarded family law firms, Geri McEvoy and Karen Stuntz have built their reputation on
an in-depth understanding of family law and the ability to use that knowledge to serve their clients and achieve
the results they desire.



It is no surprise that the team of McEvoy & Stuntz has earned the admiration of colleagues and clients alike.
Attorney Karen Stuntz has been named a 2012 and 2013 Massachusetts Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine, while her partner, Geri McEvoy, has been lauded as “professional, “kind,” “exceptionally competent,” and “attentive
to the client needs” by legal peers and opponents, and clients who have benefitted from her skills.



Unlike the big firms, McEvoy & Stuntz offers personal attention to every client, so you never feel you’re facing
the challenge alone. Our team gets to know you as an individual and provides the right representation for your
legal needs. Whether you are facing a complex issue in property division, a high-income divorce, or questions
related to alimony, child custody, child support, or other family law matters, you will find honest, ethical and
innovative legal counsel at McEvoy & Stuntz. It is what you deserve and what we deliver to our clients.